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Championing issues that matter.

Whether you are a teacher, nurse, electrician, truck driver, farm worker or factory worker, Rob is a champion for working families and blue-collar values. On the city council, Rob will champion issues that are good for District 3 and the City at large.


Here are a few of Rob's priorities:

  • A future for our fairgrounds that preserves its cherished features while enhancing the site

  • A crosstown connector that benefits District 3 and the whole city, the Caulfield Bridge

  • Taking care of tenants and building housing for the people who work here but cannot afford it

  • A modern facility for our hardworking first responders

  • Road paving and safety improvements near schools and parks

  • Work with Caltrans to make Lakeville Highway safer

  • Ensure we have the infrastructure and water supply to sustain our quality of life.

If you do not see soemthing on this list, reach out and let's talk. 

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